Saturday, January 09, 2010

★ Steps Command ★

For both ladies and guys

亲亲 -> "/smooch
拥抱 -> "/hug
握手 -> "/shake
相依相偎 -> "/embrace

guy hug girl /embrace1
girl hug guy /embrace2
背 -> "/carry
挽手 -> "/grasp
吻手 -> "/hand
捧花 -> "/hold flower

献花 -> "/flower
挽臂 -> "/arm
拉手 -> "/hold

 gaze -> "/gaze
lean -> "/lean

献花-(鲜花) -> "/gift
献花-(玫瑰) -> "/rose
献花-(郁金香) -> "/tulip
献花-(丁香) -> "/Lilac
献花-(狗尾草) -> "/Bristlegrass
送礼-(围巾) -> "/scarf
送礼-(蛋糕) -> "/cake
蛋糕-(饼干) -> "/biscuit

1314 choco->"/amour 
1314 rose->"/love 
friendship choco /friend 
rose only /bloom

Welcome to CLUB Evil 世界

~Hello all this is  Evil 世界 new blog ~

To be Evil or not is Not a choice ^^ cause we born to be Evil
So now start with ourselves  Evil 世界  is open since 27 April 2009 create by Mr and Mrs Evil..
Anyone can join this club you must be EVIL enough to join us.... 

The Club Rules

1: You have to be Evil.
2: You are required to donate or contribute cause want to make club in top 20 spot.
3: You may leave the club if you don't fit into the club's community.
4: We do not welcome people who wish to show off or talk inappropriately.(Lan c)
5: All members of the club will be respected as an individual.
6: Any complaints are to be sent to Club世界, Chairman and ClubMGR @ Steps.
7: Have Fun.